My heart belongs to Ukraine

The idea of the series “I love Ukraine” belongs to Gifty and was created in a difficult period for our country, the split between the eastern regions from all over Ukraine.
We were born in the eastern Ukraine, our relatives still live there, so we were particularly hard to watch these terrible events. We couldn’t really think about beauty in that period , when the lives of our relatives were in danger.
But back to the project. It got kind of reflection on what is happening. It all started with painting the walls in one of the Podol arches, near the office of one of the schools of English Green forest. Street, unlike other sites, as quickly sends message across to a passing “spectator”. Then came the idea to base our Cyrillic ligature, but write in Latin – only for the sake of experimentation. To add a shorthand form to the ligature (with 18th century manuscripts). And a set of characters. The process of painting was interesting, friends came and helped. But the painting was not enough, then we produce our prints on different objects: cups, bags and T-shirts. They say that the cups were sold quickly. Probably with the help of friends