Mal du Pays

The book is a collection of letters of the Ukrainian intelligence aged 19-20 who did not live in the homeland by coincidence, but really miss her.
We gathered in the libraries of Kiev desired information, dozens of letters to some authors, such as: Lesya Ukrainka, Olena Teliga, Ulas Samchuk. Analyzing handwriting, we tried to understand the nature of writing, to output the tragedy of the situation.
In his handwritten letters interpretations we are not trying to pass the authorship of the handwriting, how to convey the emotion of the author’s handwriting and composition formats.


Illustrative cards – a path from any country the letter was sent to Ukraine.
Our teacher once said that the book without illustrations can live, but without text no, so we have a basis for handwriting and tried to make illustrative.
Birds on the frontispiece – only a sketch, as it were, a self-portrait of the authors, but the lack of illustrations makes this book boring.




Also, the task was to sew the book himself, manually. We needed the knowledge for that we never had before.
Perhaps the main difficulty was to find places, printers, where would type on vellum, and textured paper, this was kind of difficult in Ukraine.
But the project was a success despite all the problems!