The sign. Mosaic letters

Size: 160 x 35 cm., material: smalt (namely, Soviet smalt), May 2017.
It was a new and strong work experience in the technique of mosaic. It is unforgettable to feel in the fingers the dependence of the line and plastics from the living material.
In this sign the line’s plastic is taken from frescos in Saint Sophia’s Cathedral in Kyiv, colours and technique are taken from the decoration of underground station Zoloti Vorota, which is famous for its untypical for the soviet union decoration in the style of Kyiv Rus monuments.
Both monuments are located on Volodymyrska Str. This is the practical part of the thesis research, while the theme of theoretical and Scientific work was on tablets of Kyiv: Analysis of artistic and plastic features of informative and memorable tablets of central Kiev in the middle of the XX and the beginning of the XXI century.





Thanks for the mosaic lessons and technical assistance to Vitalina Forostovets.
Thanks to ArtiYa studio for the video shooting process (and special thanks to Marina Bunich).
The work was presented in the hall “Live font” on the Book Arsenal in May 2017.

We will contine the topic and thanks for attention!
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