Don't say we if you stand aside

Не кажи ми, якщо стоїш осторонь / Don’t say we if you stand aside


Painting wall by Vitalina Lopukhin (VikaVita Lopukhiny) within the City Art project.

Calligraphy, letters transforming into the pattern and texture — is a continuation of the city streets sound, the continuation of the urban rhythm, and its pulsation. On the other hand, the text is perceived in time, and to catch the meaning in letter thickness, the reader needs to stop for a couple of minutes and make an effort, thereby stopping the daily routine, rush to work, study, shopping…

Quote by Antoine Saint-Exupery for each person could sound differently. These words may be understood in the context of the military conflict in our country, referring to corrupted politicians and officials, as well as to the personal life of anybody.

We have learned a lot from the process of this work. It was interesting to observe the residents of the nearby houses and people passing by. From some people we heard the words of gratitude but from others insults and total misu
nderstanding in what is going on. After such incidents you learn to be more patient and hardy. We want to send special thanks to our friends who made this project happen:

Mykyta Mykyta for the daily physical and moral support;
Special thanks to Waone Interesni Kazki — without him we would have been involved in the project;
City Art — for cool, ambitious project and for the correct ideology;
And of course mom, relatives and friends who came and warmed us with their presence in these cold November days.

You can see this wall on Ukraine, Kiev, Sichovyh Stiltsiv 9 street, behind the building.