Walls for DataRobot

Data Robot is a project that we were working on from summer to early winter of 2018, with some pauses.
Two floors, two “entrance groups” of the office.
This is a dream office in the center of Kyiv, everything is for employees – a great atmosphere in the office, in general, all the conditions for a productive and enjoyable work. In the video about Data Robot we got our working process on 21 sec.

Thank you, Andrey, for inviting us again! The first time we collaborated with Andrii when we painted
our first wall in life, it was very funny!
Now, we don’t have video of murals, we didn’t have time, but we will try to continue taking videos.
It is nice that the customer listened to us, to our ideas and that ideas remained untouched—for this we love such projects.
We used our usual set of brushes, which also includes Amsterdam brushes, but we already understand that with such large planes we would need to work with spray cans, this would greatly reduce the time of the painting process. 
We also used Sadolin paint







 Thanks for attention! There will be more walls from us